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Preparation of financial, tax and statistical reports

Financial statements (accounting statements) - information about the financial position of an economic entity as of the reporting date, the financial result of its activities and cash flows for the reporting period, systematized in accordance with the requirements established by law.                                 
Statistical reporting - reporting submitted, within a certain period of time, to the statistics body, on the activities of an economic entity, in the forms established by law.                                          
Tax reporting - documents of a taxpayer, including calculations and declarations for each type of tax and paid income, as well as annexes to calculations and tax returns, which serve as the basis for determining the tax obligations of taxpayers and tax agents.   

In the process of doing business, legal entities have to submit reports to various authorities. These bodies can be state, or their highest governing body, as well as investors, creditors and other external users. Our company will save you from this routine work, instead of you we will prepare and submit your reporting. And you, in turn, will be focused on your business. A team of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the preparation and delivery of financial, tax, statistical reports will draw up financial statements of your company in accordance with NAS and in accordance with IFRS. We guarantee high-quality preparation of your reports.

Entrusting us with the preparation of your reports, you can be absolutely calm, because your reports will be drawn up not by one employee, but by a team of professionals.                                                                           

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